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  1. Spiking Neural Network Robotic Controller


    For my major project I'am creating a Spiking-Neural Network (SNN) to control a robot simulation. The goal is to make the robot do simple tasks such as following a wall without crashing into it. The configuration of the SNN will be evolved using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) not made …

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  2. proXPN review

    So I have been using proXPN for a while now, and I have been thinking of writing a review of it for some time, but have never really gotten as far as doing it, but here it is.

    Speed and Latency

    Alt text Alt text

    The result above to the left is when using …

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  3. Crawling results

    Recently I made a web crawler that leaves a YouTube link to a rickroll video as the referrer to rick roll webmasters that watches the server logs like hawks. I also used the opportunity to collect some data about the websites I visited.

    The crawler itself is very basic, it …

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