CS23710 C & Unix Assignment


I have gotten the results back for the assignment, so I guess it is safe to upload the code.

The assignment was to write a software system to track competitors in a endurance horse race. Each event (race) included several courses, and each competitor can only participate in one course. The course consists of nodes (checkpoints) where the time is recorded, there is also a special type of nodes (medical checkpoints) where the entrants health status is noted, and if the entrants status is OK he/she can continue.

We were supplied with some data containing the list of entrants, courses, nodes, checkpoint times and tracks.

For the assignment we needed to load and parse these data files, verify the data ex that there was valid tracks between nodes in a course. The parsed data would then have to be displayed in a fashionably manner, and you should be able to search for entrants, and manually supply medical and checkpoint data.

The Code

I am very satisfied with how the code turned out, but there are some things I would change if I want to improve the structure of the code. The functions for parsing the data files has lot's of duplicate code, and if I had the time I would have thought of a better method to do the parsing. Other than that I am generally satisfied with the code.

You can see the code for yourself at GitHub.