Feral Hosting Review

I have the Helium slot for 10£ /month. This has been more than enough for my usage, but I have been thinking to upgrade to the Neon slot for the extra storage, and install ownCloud and use the extra space for that.

Alt text

Not shown in the picture above is some of the features you get with your slot.

  • Unlimited torrents.
  • Plenty of different clients to choose from rtorrent, deluge, transmission, wtorrent and rutorrent
  • Unlimited domains.
  • Unlimited database with MySQL root access.
  • Shell access.

Each slot will come with its own sub-domain and you're free to add as many of your own as you wish. The slot has a www folder, and Apache is the default web server. Switching to nginx is not difficult, and it is auto configured to be similar to the Apache setup.

With shell access you can do a whole loads of stuff. You can use it as a SSH tunnel if needed, but OpenVPN is easy installed by the one-click installer page on slot management page. The installer is shown in the screenshot below. There are a few developer tools already installed on you slot like Python, Perl, Ruby and GCC, so you are able to run your own scripts on the server. I haven't seen any memory or CPU usage limit mentioned anywhere, so I assume you can use a decent chunk if you need too, and unless you don't starve the server I guess you would be okay.

irssi is also installed on the slot, so you use it as a IRC client. software

The only thing I can put my finger on is that your password for is displayed in cleartext on your slot management page.


For the price I am paying 10£/month Feral Hosting gives me a lot for that cheap price. If you are looking for a seedbox Feral Hosting is definitely recommended, you get a lot more than just a seedbox from Feral Hosting, and for a cheap price.