Honeypot dashboard

Alt text The honeypot dashboard shows live details of attacks against different honeypots. This post isn't much of a showcase yet, more a way of putting down some ideas on paper. The aim is to create a dashboard where you can view different attacks live, and search trough earlier attacks, and display the details of the attack (session replay for cowrie).

Below are some of the ideas, and plans. A live demo can be seen at http://hp.puse.cat

  • Selecting an item in the list on the index page should send you to a page with more information about the attack.
  • The attack details page should display all the relevant information about the attack, and allow you to download any relevant files.
  • You should be able to search for IP addresses, and checksums.
  • A general statistics page, showing most the used passwords.
  • Support for more than just cowrie.