Productive day(night??)

Added a lot of features to the blog today, and they all seems to work perfectly. Got more done today than I thought I would get. There is a lot more that needs to be done, but not much change in appearances. I haven't added a page selector or a archive yet, so the only post you'll be able to access for now is the 5 latest added posts. I guess that I'll have that fixed by the time I reach 5 posts tho.

Stuff I've added to the blog today:

  • Random quotes in the footer.
  • Random pictures in the sidebar.
  • Added caption to said pictures, sadly after I had added a lot of pictures. So about 2/3 of the pictures are without caption.
  • You can now link to individual posts, this improves Facebook, reddit and Google+ sharing.
  • Added the About me, and projects page. Also changed the Contact link to a mailto link for now. Planning on adding a form where a viewer can send a mail to me directly from the page.